Tim Woollings

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Tim Woollings

University Lecturer

I am a new lecturer in Physical Climate Science at AOPP, with a focus on large scale atmospheric dynamics. My interests revolve around the weather and climate of the North Atlantic / European sector, in particular the jet, storm track and the large scale regimes such as blocking. I work on basic understanding of these features, how they vary and also how they respond to forcing such as anthropogenic climate change.

I am the leader of the joint Met Office - Universities Process Evaluation Group for blocking and storm tracks. We hold regular meetings to discuss work focused on evaluating Met Office and other weather and climate models. If you are interested in joining this group just drop me an email.

In 2010 I wrote a review for non-specialists on the dynamical processes which shape European climate and how the response of these processes to climate change is particularly uncertain. The paper is available here - all comments most welcome of course!

Recent news: Our paper on the different nature of the NAO on different timescales is out and available here.