Tim Woollings

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Tim Woollings

Professor of Physical Climate Science

I am an Associate Professor in Physical Climate Science in AOPP, with a focus on large scale atmospheric dynamics. My interests revolve around the weather and climate of the mid-latitudes, in particular the jets, storm tracks and the large scale regimes such as blocking. I work on basic understanding of these features, how they vary and also how they respond to forcing such as anthropogenic climate change. A recent focus has been investigating mechanisms of seasonal prediction for Europe, in summer as well as winter.

I have recently been appointed the Oxford Joint Chair of the Met Office Academic Partnership, and look forward to working more closely with the Met Office on today's pressing weather and climate issues. Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions about Oxford - Met Office collaboration, I am here to help initiate and develop new projects and links.

Much of my work has revolved around the mid-latitude jet streams; arguably the greatest weather systems on Earth. If you live anywhere in mid-latitudes, the jet stream is likely the most important factor affecting your weather and climate. If you want to find out more, please check out my new book on the jet stream, written for a general audience. See here, for more information, and even a small discount...