Publications by Tony Weidberg

The radiation tolerance of MTP and LC optical fibre connectors to 500 kGy(Si) of gamma radiation

JINST IOP 7 (2012) P04014

D Hall, P Hamilton, BT Huffman, PK Teng, AR Weidberg

The LHC luminosity upgrade, known as the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC), will require high-speed optical links to read out data from the detectors. The optical fibre connectors contained within such a link must have a small form factor and be capable of operating in the harsh radiation environment at the HL-LHC. MTP ribbon fibre connectors and LC single fibre connectors were exposed to 500 kGy(Si) of gamma radiation and their radiation hardness was investigated. Neither type of connector exhibited evidence for any significant radiation damage and both connectors could be qualified for use at HL-LHC detectors.

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