Daniel Weatherill

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Daniel Weatherill

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I am a post-doctoral research assistant working with prof Ian Shipsey on the characterisation and development of CCD sensors for the LSST project.

We have built a high performance, versatile optical test stand in the OPMD lab, which can be used to characterise CCD sensors in representative conditions (UHV vacuum, -100C temperature), using illumination from flat fields or structured projections from 300nm-1200nm incoherent light, or with soft a X-ray (Fe-55) source. We will be using this facility to investigate subtle effects of charge collection and other related phenomena in thick, fully depleted CCD sensors.

I am also working on physically based semiconductor models for pixel devices.

I currently teach in the 2nd year practical course (electronics lab), and tutor at several colleges on the 2nd year analog electronics lectures.