Duncan Watson-Parris

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Duncan Watson-Parris

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I've recently joined the Climate Processes group within the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics sub-department.

My PhD was in solid-state physics but I have since developed broad experience in environmental science and climate physics through my work as a software consultant. Indeed I completed a number of projects for AOPP (along with CEDA), and I'm looking to build on that project experience here through the development of optimal tools and strategies for the intercomparison of models and data, particularly in the area of clouds and aerosols.

I have a wide range of teaching experience and am keen to put that to use within the department. During my PhD I tutored undergraduate students through their mathematics courses in both small groups and large workshops. And as part of my previous employer's engagement with the University’s doctoral training centres I ran two 1-day training workshops:

Data Curation and Management (for the Bioscience DTP in December 2014)
Asking the Right Questions (for the InFoMM DTP in March 2015) - I was awarded the title of Alan Taylor Visiting Lecturer for this course.

A significant part of my role as a software consultant was also in knowledge sharing, running company wide workshops and other training events.