Publications by Justin Wark

Investigating off-Hugoniot states using multi-layer ring-up targets

Scientific Reports Springer Nature 10 (2020) 13172

D McGonegle, P Heighway, M Sliwa, C Bolme, A Comley, L Dresselhaus-Marais, A Higginbotham, A Poole, E McBride, B Nagler, I Nam, M Seaberg, B Remington, R Rudd, C Wehrenberg, J Wark

Laser compression has long been used as a method to study solids at high pressure. This is commonly achieved by sandwiching a sample between two diamond anvils and using a ramped laser pulse to slowly compress the sample, while keeping it cool enough to stay below the melt curve. We demonstrate a different approach, using a multilayer ‘ring-up’ target whereby laser-ablation pressure compresses Pb up to 150 GPa while keeping it solid, over two times as high in pressure than where it would shock melt on the Hugoniot. We find that the efficiency of this approach compares favourably with the commonly used diamond sandwich technique and could be important for new facilities located at XFELs and synchrotrons which often have higher repetition rate, lower energy lasers which limits the achievable pressures that can be reached.

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