Glenn Wagner

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Glenn Wagner

PhD Student in Theoretical Physics

I am a fourth year graduate student working in Prof Steve Simon's research group. I am working on strongly correlated two-dimensional electron systems, in particular I have worked on the following topics

  • Graphene (hydrodynamic transport in graphene, strained graphene, twisted bilayer graphene)
  • Quantum Hall effect (quantum Hall edges, bilayer quantum Hall, quantum Hall effect in curved space)
  • Unconventional superconductivity (strontium ruthenate)

I did my undergraduate degree in Oxford and took the MMathPhys course. I am at Merton College.

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  • Teaching assistant for 1st year Mathematical Methods, 2nd Statistical Physics and 3rd Year Chaos at Merton College in 2017-2018.
  • Teaching assistant for MMathPhys courses Kinetic Theory (MT2017) and Advanced Fluid dynamics (HT2018)
  • Teaching of two classes of 2nd year Mathematical Methods in MT2017.
  • Teaching of one class of 3nd year Biophysics in HT2018.
  • Teaching of one term of classes of 2nd year Electromagnetism in MT2018 (and revision in TT2019).
  • Teaching of one term of classes of 3rd year Condensed Matter in HT2019 (and revision in TT2019).
  • Teaching of one term of classes of 3rd year Condensed Matter in MT2019 (and revision in TT2020).
  • Teaching of one term of classes of 3rd year General Relativity in HT2020 (and revision in TT2020).
  • Graduate mentoring for Merton College 2017-2020 (up to 12h per term)
  • Journal Club, Oxford: Bosonization (26/10/2018)
  • Journal Club, Oxford: Topological Insulators: Toy models and anomalies (22/01/2019)
  • Journal Club, Oxford: The Ising gauge theory (06/05/2019)
  • Journal Club, Oxford: TQFTs and category theory (28/05/2019)
  • Journal Club, Oxford: The TKNN invariant (02/04/2018)
  • Journal Club, Oxford: The SYK model (22/10/2019)
  • Contributed Talk, Bristol: Transport in bilayer graphene (09/01/2020)


  • Frontiers in CMP 2020 (University of Bristol, 09/01/2020-10/01/2020)
  • Quantum Materials Symposium 2019 (University of Oxford, 23/09/2019-25/09/2019)
  • EMNEQ focus workshop “Algorithmic Perspectives on Complex Matter” (University of Kent, Canterbury, 30/04/2019-01/05/2019)
  • ICFT 2019 (University of Oxford, 29/03/2019-30/03/2019)
  • The 2018 UK-NL Condensed Matter Meeting: Condensed matter physics in and out of equilibrium (University of Oxford, 23/08/2018-24/08/2018)
  • Rudolf Peierls symposium (University of Oxford, 05/06/2018-06/06/2018)
  • Systems out of equilibrium - Maths meets Physics (Warwick University, 27/11/2017)


  • New Developments in Topological Condensed Matter Physics (les Houches, 02/09/2019-13/09/2019)
  • Quantum Connections in Sweden 6: Physics Summer School on Quantum Frontiers (Nordita, 10/06/2019-22/06/2019)
  • Summer School on Collective Behaviour in Quantum Matter (ICTP, 27/08/2018-14/09/2018)