Glenn Wagner

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Glenn Wagner

PhD Student in Theoretical Physics

I am a second year graduate student working in Prof Steve Simon's research group. My research focusses on Topological Quantum Matter. I did my undergraduate degree in Oxford and took the MMathPhys course. I am at Merton College.

  • Marking of 1st year Mathematical Methods, 2nd Statistical Physics and 3rd Year Chaos problem sets at Merton College.
  • Teaching of two classes of 2nd year Mathematical Methods in MT2017.
  • Teaching of one class of 3nd year Biophysics in HT2018.
  • Teaching of one term of classes of 2nd year Electromagnetism in MT2018 (and revision in TT2019).
  • Teaching of one term of classes of 3nd year Condensed Matter in HT2019 (and revision in TT2019).

I am working on strongly correlated electron systems, in particular Graphene and Quantum Hall Edges.