Publications by Brian Vlastakis

Characterizing entanglement of an artificial atom and a cavity cat state with Bell's inequality.

Nature communications 6 (2015) 8970-

B Vlastakis, A Petrenko, N Ofek, L Sun, Z Leghtas, K Sliwa, Y Liu, M Hatridge, J Blumoff, L Frunzio, M Mirrahimi, L Jiang, MH Devoret, RJ Schoelkopf

The Schrodinger's cat thought experiment highlights the counterintuitive concept of entanglement in macroscopically distinguishable systems. The hallmark of entanglement is the detection of strong correlations between systems, most starkly demonstrated by the violation of a Bell inequality. No violation of a Bell inequality has been observed for a system entangled with a superposition of coherent states, known as a cat state. Here we use the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt formulation of a Bell test to characterize entanglement between an artificial atom and a cat state, or a Bell-cat. Using superconducting circuits with high-fidelity measurements and real-time feedback, we detect correlations that surpass the classical maximum of the Bell inequality. We investigate the influence of decoherence with states up to 16 photons in size and characterize the system by introducing joint Wigner tomography. Such techniques demonstrate that information stored in superpositions of coherent states can be extracted efficiently, a crucial requirement for quantum computing with resonators.

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