Tomislav Vladisavljevic

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Tomislav Vladisavljevic

Graduate Student

I am a final year Kavli IPMU Oxford DPhil student working on the T2K and EMPHATIC experiments. Currently I am based in Oxford, but have spent two years of my DPhil working in Japan at the Kavli Institute for Physics and Mathematics of the Universe.

My research focused on tuning the T2K flux prediction to external hadron production measurements (NA61, HARP) in order to reduce the hadron interaction uncertainty, which is one of the greatest systematics for the T2K oscillation analysis. I have managed to reduce the fractional uncertainty at the T2K flux peak from ~10% to ~5%. I have also investigated the impact of the reduced flux uncertainty on the T2K oscillation analysis in the Markov Chain oscillation framework.

As a member of the EMPHATIC experiment, I helped in developing the detector simulation for estimating systematic uncertainties for the January 2019 pilot run. EMPHATIC is a new hadron production experiment, complementary to the physics program of the NA61 experiment. EMPHATIC aims to measure the low angle hadron scattering from different target materials, which could help us to improve our understanding of the T2K flux.