Publications by Vlatko Vedral

Experimental Self-Characterization of Quantum Measurements.

Physical review letters 124 (2020) 040402-

A Zhang, J Xie, H Xu, K Zheng, H Zhang, Y-T Poon, V Vedral, L Zhang

The accurate and reliable description of measurement devices is a central problem in both observing uniquely nonclassical behaviors and realizing quantum technologies from powerful computing to precision metrology. To date quantum tomography is the prevalent tool to characterize quantum detectors. However, such a characterization relies on accurately characterized probe states, rendering reliability of the characterization lost in circular argument. Here we report a self-characterization method of quantum measurements based on reconstructing the response range-the entirety of attainable measurement outcomes, eliminating the reliance on known states. We characterize two representative measurements implemented with photonic setups and obtain fidelities above 99.99% with the conventional tomographic reconstructions. This initiates range-based techniques in characterizing quantum systems and foreshadows novel device-independent protocols of quantum information applications.

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