Melissa Van Beekveld

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Melissa Van Beekveld

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I work in the field of High Energy Physics, and more specifically on particle physics phenomenology. This is a branch of High Energy Physics that provides a bridge between the theory of particle physics and the particle physics experiments. As a phenomenogist, I make predictions for observables in particle physics experiments. My ultimate goal is to understand the fundamental particles and forces that constitute all objects and phenomena in our universe.
My research is diverse, topics I have worked on so far are QCD resummation, next-to-leading power corrections, naturalness and fine-tuning in the context of supersymmetry, phenomenology of supersymmetry at (future) colliders and dark-matter experiments, and machine learning for particle physics. My aim is that in a few years from now, this list will be at least twice as long.
I enjoy doing outreach, please get in touch!

Here you can find notes of a two-hour lecture on how large logarithms arise in a perturbative calculation. The notes are aimed at a master-student level.

You can also find a keynote presentation on the fine-tuning problem.