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Hannah Tillim

Graduate student

I'm a fourth-year Theoretical Physics DPhil under the supervision of John March-Russell, with an interest in cosmology, particle astrophysics and topology. Originally from South Africa, I got my undergraduates (two, long story) in London followed by Part III of the Mathematical Tripos in Cambridge.

At the moment I am working on aspects of cosmic strings in the early Universe.

MT 2020 - tutor for CP3 Mathematical Methods at Balliol College
MT 2019 - tutor for Groups & Representations (MMathPhys)
MT 2018 - tutor for B2 Symmetry and Relativity at Christ Church College

At the moment I am working on topological defects arising from string theory.

My published work focused on Dark Matter phenomenology, in particular that of dark sectors which interact with the Standard Model solely though gravity.

Production of such sectors from primordial Black Holes: Black Hole Genesis of Dark Matter
Subsequent evolution of such sectors including a failure to reach full equilibrium: Reproductive Freeze-In of Self-Interaction Dark Matter
Production of such sectors from graviton exchange: Gravitational Production of a Conformal Dark Sector