Kevin Thielen

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Kevin Thielen

1st year DPhil student

Hailing from the sunny shores of Florida, I am a DPhil student in the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics subdepartment working under Dr. Andrew Wells in the Ice and Fluid Dynamics group. Previously I received my B.S. in Mathematics & Physics from Eckerd College, a liberal arts school, where I dabbled in research topics in Astrophysics, Number Theory, Linguistics, and Physical Chemistry. My switch to Sea Ice research was prompted partly by selfishness (I think it's neat) and also the desire to pursue a research topic with more concrete implications.

My primary research topics include mixed layer dynamics in the marginal ice zone, as well as biological-physical feedbacks in this region. However, due in part to my liberal arts upbringing, I have a deep interest in many non science components of the "Climate Problem" including Environmental Anthropology, Policy and Ethics. In my opinion, Science can tell you what is changing and what impacts that change will have, but a much wider view is needed to identify effective yet culturally sensitive policies for responding to that information.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, being outside and generally doing things I'm rather bad at until I'm slightly better at them (running, cycling, power lifting, drawing, etc).