Publications by Caroline Terquem

Disks, extrasolar planets and migration

Space Science Reviews 92 (2000) 323-340

C Terquem, JCB Papaloizou, RP Nelson

We review results about protoplanetary disk models, protoplanet migration and formation of giant planets with migrating cores. We first model the protoplanetary nebula as an α-accretion disk and present steady state calculations for different values of α and gas accretion rate through the disk. We then review the current theories of protoplanet migration in the context of these models, focusing on the gaseous disk-protoplanet tidal interaction. According to these theories, the migration timescale may be shorter than the planetary formation timescale. Therefore we investigate planet formation in the context of a migrating core, considering both the growth of the core and the build-up of the envelope in the course of the migration.

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