Publications by Caroline Terquem

Numerical simulations of type i planetary migration in non-turbulent magnetized discs

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 363 (2005) 943-953

S Fromang, C Terquem, RP Nelson

Using 2D magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) numerical simulations performed with two different finite-difference Eulerian codes, we analyse the effect that a toroidal magnetic field has on low-mass planet migration in non-turbulent protoplanetary discs. The presence of the magnetic field modifies the waves that can propagate in the disc. In agreement with a recent linear analysis, we find that two magnetic resonances develop on both sides of the planet orbit, which contribute to a significant global torque. In order to measure the torque exerted by the disc on the planet, we perform simulations in which the latter is either fixed on a circular orbit or allowed to migrate. For a 5-M⊕ planet, when the ratio β between the square of the sound speed and that of the Alfven speed at the location of the planet is equal to 2, we find inward migration when the magnetic field Bφ is uniform in the disc, reduced migration when Bφ decreases as r -1 and outward migration when Bφ decreases as r -2. These results are in agreement with predictions from the linear analysis. Taken as a whole, our results confirm that even a subthermal stable field can stop inward migration of an earth-like planet. © 2005 RAS.

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