Caroline Terquem

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Caroline Terquem

Professor of Physics

I am a Professor of Physics at Oxford University and a Tutorial Fellow of University College.

Research interests:

  • Dynamics of extrasolar planets
  • Planet formation
  • Accretion discs
  • Stellar Oscillations
  • Astrophysical fluid dynamics

I lecture on Fluids for the third year students (B1 paper).

I lectured on Electromagnetism for the second year students (A2 paper) for 4 years starting in October 2015. The Lecture Notes, Problem Sets and Worked Examples can be downloaded from the attachments on the side.

I am a tutorial fellow at University College, where I teach a variety of subjects in Physics.

I have been serving as Dean of Graduates at University College since August 2018.

I run the FlyingStart programme for year 12 students from local schools who have chosen Physics for A-level. More information here.