Publications by Andrei Starinets

Holography and hydrodynamics: Diffusion on stretched horizons

Journal of High Energy Physics 7 (2003) 1675-1701

P Kovtun, DT Son, AO Starinets

We show that long-time, long-distance fluctuations of plane-symmetric horizons exhibit universal hydrodynamic behavior. By considering classical fluctuations around black-brane backgrounds, we find both diffusive and shear modes. The diffusion constant and the shear viscosity are given by simple formulas, in terms of metric components. For a given metric, the answers can be interpreted as corresponding kinetic coefficients in the holographically dual theory. For the near-extremal DP, M2 and M5 branes, the computed kinetic coefficients coincide with the results of independent AdS/CFT calculations. In all the examples, the ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density is equal to ℏ/(4πkB, suggesting a special meaning of this value. © SISSA/ISAS 2003.

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