Adam Stanway

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Adam Stanway

Graduate Student (DTP)

I am a NERC CASE student with the Oxford DTP in Environmental Research, looking at the impact of circulation within Greenland's proglacial fjords on the marine forced component of ice sheet melt, working in association with the Met Office. I previously completed my Master's in Physics at Merton College, Oxford. My supervisors are Prof. Andrew Wells (AOPP), Prof. Helen Johnson (Earth Sciences) and Dr. Jeff Ridley (Met Office).

Freshwater flux from the melting of Greenland’s Ice Sheet (GIS) is thought to account for 25% of the observed rise in global mean sea level between 1992 and 2011, with a significant proportion of this associated with increased freshwater flux from marine terminating glaciers within coastal fjords. Further implications for the structure and stability of large scale ocean currents have been suggested; an increase in the input of freshwater into the ocean in this region may influence the global Meridional Overturning Circulation, which would have a significant impact on both local and global climate.

Currently, global ocean models operate at resolutions too coarse to resolve ice-ocean interaction on length scales typical of coastal fjords. We first intend to develop a simple theoretical understanding of the dependency of glacial melt rates on leading order fjord characteristics and local atmospheric and oceanic conditions. Building on previous studies, we intend to make a first attempt at creating, calibrating and implementing a parameterization of ice-ocean interaction in fjords to use in large scale climate models.