Publications by Denis St-Onge

Kubo conductivity tensor for two- and three-dimensional magnetic nulls.

Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics 90 (2014) 033103-

DA St-Onge, RD Sydora

The complete Kubo conductivity tensor is computed in two- and three-dimensional linear magnetic null systems using collisionless single-particle simulations. Regions of chaotic charged-particle dynamics are constructed for each case. It is found that stochastic frequency mixing of particle bounce motion, as well as gyromotion, contribute significantly to the conductivity. The conductivity curves are well approximated by power laws over a certain frequency range and the ac conductivity is found to be an order of magnitude smaller than the dc value, leading to enhanced resistivity, particularly near the cyclotron frequency. The ac conductivities must be accounted for in computation of the total dissipation.

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