Jian Rui Soh

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Jian Rui Soh

Graduate Student

I am a graduate student from the Boothroyd group. In our group, we study single crystals where non-trivial topology in the electronic band structure co-exists with magnetic order. If these two phenomena are coupled, we effectively have a handle on these exotic quasiparticle excitations by means of an external applied magnetic field. We have recently studied EuCd2As2 and EuCd2Sb2, where the magnetic Eu sub-lattice is coupled to the Cd2As2 and Cd2Sb2 conducting layers, which are predicted to host Dirac fermions.

We use a host of techniques to study these materials including,
magnetic x-ray and neutron scattering, magneto-transport, ARPES, SQUID magnetometry and DFT.

I am also a tutor for the condensed matter Physics course for 3rd year physicists at St Anne's College.