David Sloan

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David Sloan

Project Co-Lead: Consolidation of Fine-Tuning

I am the project co-lead for the Consolidation of Fine-Tuning program in BIPAC. This project aims to bring together a broad range of approaches to issues of fine-tuning in a variety of physical settings, culminating in a general picture of how physics is fine-tuned from the big-bang to the formation of the planet Earth (and possibly beyond!)

My research is mostly focused around issues in theoretical cosmology - inflation, quantum gravity, solutions to general relativity. I am particularly interested in measures of the likelihood of inflation, anisotropic models of classical and quantum cosmologies, and loop quantum gravity.

I taught applied mathematics for a year at Wadham College where I was the Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics for the academic year 2014-2015, and gave a departmental class on the geometry of surfaces in Michaelmas Term of 2014. I have a range of teaching experience in other settings - from introductory physics taught at the Pennsylvania State University through to advanced courses in constraint dynamics taught at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. I currently supervise MPhys projects in cosmology in Oxford.