Publications by Steve Simon

Behavior of l-bits near the many-body localization transition

Physical Review B American Physical Society 98 (2018) 184201-

A Kulshreshtha, A Pal, T Wahl, S Simon

Eigenstates of fully many-body localized (FMBL) systems are described by quasilocal operators τzi (l-bits), which are conserved exactly under Hamiltonian time evolution. The algebra of the operators τzi and τxi associated with l-bits (τi) completely defines the eigenstates and the matrix elements of local operators between eigenstates at all energies. We develop a non-perturbative construction of the full set of l-bit algebras in the many-body localized phase for the canonical model of MBL. Our algorithm to construct the Pauli-algebra of l-bits combines exact diagonalization and a tensor network algorithm developed for efficient diagonalization of large FMBL Hamiltonians. The distribution of localization lengths of the l-bits is evaluated in the MBL phase and used to characterize the MBL-to-thermal transition.

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