Publications by Steve Simon

Fractional Chern insulators in bands with zero Berry curvature

Physical Review B American Physical Society 92 (2015)

S Simon, F Harper, N Read

Even if a noninteracting system has zero Berry curvature everywhere in the Brillouin zone, it is possible to introduce interactions that stabilize a fractional Chern insulator. These interactions necessarily break time-reversal symmetry (either spontaneously or explicitly) and have the effect of altering the underlying band structure. We outline a number of ways in which this may be achieved and show how similar interactions may also be used to create a (time-reversal-symmetric) fractional topological insulator. While our approach is rigorous in the limit of long-range interactions, we show numerically that even for short-range interactions a fractional Chern insulator can be stabilized in a band with zero Berry curvature.

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