Shuqiu Wang

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Shuqiu Wang

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr Shuqiu Wang joined Condensed Matter Physics at University of Oxford as a postdoctoral researcher in 2019. She works with Prof J.C. Séamus Davis and leads the development of the fourth generation of scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) that allows the visualization of electronic structures at millikelvin. Her current research is to visualize the Cooper-pair condensates in a superconductor with the aim to develop a deeper fundamental understanding of high-temperature superconductivity, especially search for the Cooper-Pair Density Wave state in cuprates.

Dr Wang completed her DPhil at the University of Oxford in 2015-2019 on surface physics particularly focusing on transition metal oxide monolayer films under the supervision of Prof Martin R. Castell. She worked on the ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope (UHV-STM) and collaborated with theoreticians using density functional theory (DFT).

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