Shipeng Zhang

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Shipeng Zhang

Graduate Student

I am a DPhil student in the Climate Processes research group at the department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics. I am a part of RECAP project with a focus on energetic controls on aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions in global climate models(GCMs).

I obtained my BSc and MSc in Atmospheric Science from Nanjing University. My master project was on the relationships between cloud lifetime effects of aerosols and dynamic regimes in 10 AeroCom participationGCMs.

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I am currently working on the RECAP project, which will systematically constrain aerosol effects on precipitation across various spatial and temporal scales, combining process-based with energetic approaches.

My work mainly focuses on global climate models (GCMs) and currently I am using ECHAM-HAM to study aerosol effects on precipitation through an energetic view and how different microphysical schemes would affect the results. My research project aims to systematically constrain and improve the representation of aerosol effects on precipitation in GCMs through an energetic approach, with combination of the latest observations from remote sensing as well as in-situ data.