Publications by Suzie Sheehy

Commissioning and first results of the IBEX Paul Trap

Journal of Physics: Conference Series Institute of Physics 874 (2017) 012067-

S Sheehy, EJ Carr, LK Martin, K Budzik, DJ Kelliher, S Machida, CR Prior

The Intense Beam Experiment (IBEX) is a linear Paul trap designed to replicate the dynamics of intense particle beams in accelerators. Similar to the S-POD apparatus at Hiroshima University, IBEX is a small scale experiment which has been constructed and recently commissioned at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK. The aim of the experiment is to support theoretical studies of next-generation high intensity proton and ion accelerators, complementing existing computer simulation approaches. Here we report on the status of commissioning and first results obtained.

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