Publications by Suzie Sheehy

Engaging schools and the public with accelerator physics

IPAC 2010 - 1st International Particle Accelerator Conference (2010) 118-120

SL Sheehy

Accelerator physics is often viewed as a difficult subject to communicate to schools and the public. The Accelerate! project, initiated in the UK in 2008, engages audiences with accelerator physics through a 45-minute live, interactive demonstration show, using basic physics demonstrations to explain the science of particle accelerators and what they are used for. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from all areas and demand for the show is very high, with over 3000 students involved in the first year of running. The program is also contributing to the science communication skills of physics graduate students. I discuss how to portray basic accelerator concepts through easy to access demonstrations and initial results of audience evaluation of the show.

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