Publications by Andrei Seryi

The CLIC BDS towards the Conceptual Design Report

IPAC 2010 - 1st International Particle Accelerator Conference (2010) 3419-3421

D Angal-Kalinin, L Fernandez, F Jackson, B Dalena, R Mutzner, G Rumolo, D Schulte, J Snuverink, R Tomás, G Zamudio, B Bolzon, A Jeremie, B Parker, A Seryi, J Resta López

The CLIC Conceptual Design Report must be ready by 2010. This paper aims at addressing all the critical points of the CLIC BDS to be later implemented in the CDR. This includes risk evaluation and possible solutions to a number of selected points. The smooth and practical transition between the 500 GeV CLIC and the design energy of 3 TeV is also studied.

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