Publications by Andrei Seryi

A superconducting magnet upgrade of the ATF2 final focus

IPAC 2010 - 1st International Particle Accelerator Conference (2010) 3440-3442

B Parker, M Anerella, J Escallier, P He, A Jain, A Marone, P Wanderer, KC Wu, C Hauviller, E Marin, R Tomas, F Zimmermann, B Bolzon, A Jeremie, N Kimura, K Kubo, T Kume, S Kuroda, T Okugi, T Tauchi, N Terunuma, T Tomaru, K Tsuchiya, J Urakawa, A Yamamoto, P Bambade, P Coe, D Urner, A Seryi, C Spencer, G White

The ATF2 facility at KEK is a proving ground for linear collider technology with a well instrumented extracted beam line and Final Focus (FF). The primary ATF2 goal is to demonstrate the extreme beam demagnification and spot stability needed for a linear collider FF [1]. But the ATF2 FF uses water cooled magnets and the ILC baseline has a superconducting (SC) FF [2]. We plan to upgrade ATF2 and replace some of the warm FF magnets with SC FF magnets. The ATF2 SC magnets, like the ILC FF, will made via direct wind construction [3]. ATF2 coil winding is in progress at BNL and warm magnetic measurements indicate we have achieved good field quality. Studies indicate that having ATF2 FF magnets with larger aperture and better field quality should allow reducing the ATF2 FF beta function for study of focusing regimes relevant to CLIC [4]. The ATF2 magnet cryostat will have laser view ports for directly monitoring cold mass movement. We plan to make stability measurements at BNL and KEK to relate ATF2 FF magnet performance to that of a full length ILC QD0 R&D FF prototype under construction at BNL.

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