Publications by Andrei Seryi

Status of the atf2 lattices

IPAC 2011 - 2nd International Particle Accelerator Conference (2011) 1027-1029

E Maŕin, R Toḿas, P Bambade, T Okugi, T Tauchi, N Terunuma, J Urakawa, A Seryi, G White, M Woodley

The current status for the ATF2 Nominal and Ultra-low * lattices are presented in this paper. New lattice designs have been obtained in order to minimise the impact of the last interpretation of multipole measurements that have been included into the model. However, the new ATF2 Ultra-low design is not able to recover the expected vertical beam size at the IP with the current magnet distribution. Therefore, different quadrupole sorting have been studied. A significant gain is evident for the ATF2 Ultralow lattice when sorting the magnets according to the skew sextupolar components. The ATF2 Nominal lattice is also expected to benefit from the new sorting. Tuning results of the new ATF2 Ultra-low lattice under realistic imperfections are also reported. Copyright © 2011 by IPAC'11/EPS-AG.

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