Christian Schilling

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Christian Schilling

Visiting Researcher

I am an Emmy Noether group leader at LMU Munich, working at the interface of quantum information theory and quantum many-body physics, particularly quantum chemistry. For details on my track record check out my CV

We are always looking for highly motivated Postdocs and PhD students to join our Theoretical Quantum Physics group at LMU Munich. For further details see also here

For the academic year 2018/2019 I am advertising the following MPhys projects:

  1. Entanglement analysis in an analytically solvable model
  2. Solving the "Hubbard-wheel": Interpolation between one and infinite dimensions
  3. 1-body N-representability problem for hard-core bosons
  4. Role of Generalized Pauli Constraints in time evolutions
  5. Developing a functional theory based on occupation numbers
  6. Exchange-correlation functional based on generalized Pauli constraints

For further details please contact me and see here.

Please check out our international interdisciplinary workshop on
`Reduced Density Matrices in Quantum Physics and Role of Fermionic Exchange Symmetry'
organized by Vlatko Vedral and me in Oxford, 12-15 April: