Publications by Subir Sarkar

Magneto-optic probe measurements in low density-supersonic jets

Journal of Instrumentation IOP Publishing 12 (2017) P12001

M Oliver, T White, P Mabey, M Kuhn-Kauffeldt, L Dohl, R Bingham, R Clarke, P Graham, R Heathcote, M Koenig, Y Kuramitsu, DQ Lamb, J Meinecke, T Michel, F Miniati, M Notley, B Reville, S Sarkar, Y Sakawa, A Schekochihin, P Tzeferacos, N Woolsey, G Gregori

A magneto-optic probe was used to make time-resolved measurements of the magnetic field in both a single supersonic jet and in a collision between two supersonic turbulent jets, with an electron density ⇡ 1018 cm3 and electron temperature ⇡ 4 eV. The magneto-optic data indicated the magnetic field reaches B ⇡ 200 G. The measured values are compared against those obtained with a magnetic induction probe. Good agreement of the time-dependent magnetic field measured using the two techniques is found.

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