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The Lund Jet Plane

Journal of High Energy Physics Springer Verlag (Germany) (0)

FA Dreyer, GP Salam, G Soyez

Lund diagrams, a theoretical representation of the phase space within jets, have long been used in discussing parton showers and resummations. We point out that they can be created for individual jets through repeated Cambridge/Aachen declustering, providing a powerful visual representation of the radiation within any given jet. Concentrating here on the primary Lund plane, we outline some of its analytical properties, highlight its scope for constraining Monte Carlo simulations and comment on its relation with existing observables such as the $z_g$ variable and the iterated soft-drop multiplicity. We then examine its use for boosted electroweak boson tagging at high momenta. It provides good performance when used as an input to machine learning. Much of this performance can be reproduced also within a transparent log-likelihood method, whose underlying assumption is that different regions of the primary Lund plane are largely decorrelated. This suggests a potential for unique insight and experimental validation of the features being used by machine-learning approaches.

Associated quantities from the CCFM approach

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GP Salam

Results are presented on structure functions and final state properties within the CCFM approach. Traditionally used forms of the CCFM equation have difficulty fitting the F_2 data, predicting too fast a growth at small x. A solution can be found in a particular treatment of formally subleading (1-z) terms, which dampens very considerably the small-x growth. Preliminary results are shown for the transverse energy flow, and future prospects and plans are discussed.

Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 3. Higgs Properties

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TLHCHCSW Group, S Heinemeyer, C Mariotti, G Passarino, R Tanaka, JR Andersen, P Artoisenet, EA Bagnaschi, A Banfi, T Becher, FU Bernlochner, S Bolognesi, P Bolzoni, R Boughezal, D Buarque, J Campbell, F Caola, M Carena, F Cascioli, N Chanon, T Cheng, SY Choi, A David, PD Aquino, G Degrassi, DD Re, A Denner, HV Deurzen, S Diglio, BD Micco, RD Nardo, S Dittmaier, M Duhrssen, RK Ellis, G Ferrera, N Fidanza, M Flechl, DD Florian, S Forte, R Frederix, S Frixione, S Gangal, Y Gao, MV Garzelli, D Gillberg, P Govoni, M Grazzini, N Greiner, J Griffiths, AV Gritsan, C Grojean, DC Hall, C Hays, R Harlander, R Hernandez-Pinto, S Hoche, J Huston, T Jubb, M Kadastik, S Kallweit, A Kardos, L Kashif, N Kauer, H Kim, R Klees, M Kramer, F Krauss, A Laureys, S Laurila, S Lehti, Q Li, S Liebler, X Liu, HE Logan, G Luisoni, M Malberti, F Maltoni, K Mawatari, F Maierhofer, H Mantler, S Martin, P Mastrolia, O Mattelaer, J Mazzitelli, B Mellado, K Melnikov, P Meridiani, DJ Miller, E Mirabella, SO Moch, P Monni, N Moretti, A Muck, M Muhlleitner, P Musella, P Nason, C Neu, M Neubert, C Oleari, J Olsen, G Ossola, T Peraro, K Peters, F Petriello, G Piacquadio, CT Potter, S Pozzorini, K Prokofiev, I Puljak, M Rauch, D Rebuzzi, L Reina, R Rietkerk, A Rizzi, Y Rotstein-Habarnau, GP Salam, G Sborlini, F Schissler, M Schonherr, M Schulze, M Schumacher, F Siegert, P Slavich, JM Smillie, O Stal, JFV Soden-Fraunhofen, M Spira, IW Stewart, FJ Tackmann, PTE Taylor, D Tommasini, J Thompson, RS Thorne, P Torrielli, F Tramontano, NV Tran, Z Trocsanyi, M Ubiali, P Vanlaer, MV Acosta, T Vickey, A Vicini, WJ Waalewijn, D Wackeroth, C Wagner, JR Walsh, J Wang, G Weiglein, A Whitbeck, C Williams, J Yu, G Zanderighi, M Zanetti, M Zaro, PM Zerwas, C Zhang, TJE Zirke, S Zuberi

This Report summarizes the results of the activities in 2012 and the first half of 2013 of the LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group. The main goal of the working group was to present the state of the art of Higgs Physics at the LHC, integrating all new results that have appeared in the last few years. This report follows the first working group report Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 1. Inclusive Observables (CERN-2011-002) and the second working group report Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 2. Differential Distributions (CERN-2012-002). After the discovery of a Higgs boson at the LHC in mid-2012 this report focuses on refined prediction of Standard Model (SM) Higgs phenomenology around the experimentally observed value of 125-126 GeV, refined predictions for heavy SM-like Higgs bosons as well as predictions in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model and first steps to go beyond these models. The other main focus is on the extraction of the characteristics and properties of the newly discovered particle such as couplings to SM particles, spin and CP-quantum numbers etc.