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Jaime Ruiz Zapatero

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My name Jaime Ruiz Zapatero and I am an Astrophysics Phd student working with Prof Pedro Ferreira and Prof David Alonso.

Originally. I am from Cádiz, Spain but I moved to the UK four years ago to course my higher education.

Prior to joining the University of Oxford, I studied a Msci in Theoretical Physics at UCL where I worked with Dr Benjamin Joachimi.

Also, I am very fond of physics outreach to bring science to talent born in marginalized communities.

Feel free to contact me at jaime.ruiz-zapatero@stx.ox.ac.uk

My interests in astrophysics have so far been focused at the boundary between observations and theory in Cosmology.

Currently, I am working on reconstructing growth of structure across cosmic time by fitting free functions to a wide array of data sets across different redshifts.

Moreover, I am also interested in developing methodologies to probe the LCDM model for internal inconsistencies. Particularly, I am interested in possible discrepancies between the perturbative and the non-perturbative aspects of its theory.

Besides astrophysics, I have also collaborated in a number mathematics papers regarding the reformulation of different constrained optimization problems on Euclidean space into unconstrained problems on the appropriate manifold.

You can find my publications here: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7951-4391
Also, you can visit my GitHub at: https://github.com/Maquiner