Hannah Rowlands

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Hannah Rowlands

NQIT Hub Communications Manager

I am the Communications Manger for the NQIT (Networked Quantum Information Technologies) hub, a quantum computing research project based in Atomic & Laser Physics.
NQIT is part of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme and involves 29 globally leading quantum centres and major companies, all working together to realise an entirely new technology sector.

My role as Communications Manager is to initiate, develop and implement the NQIT Communications Strategy, provide advice on all aspects of effective Communications, and liaise with existing and potential supporters.

large_NQIT Annual Report 2016 Cover-01.png
Read about the most recent progress on the NQIT project in our Annual Report for 2016.

large_Commercial Prospects Cover.png
The NQIT User Engagement Team is pleased to present a new market report, "The Commercial Prospects for Quantum Computing", which reviews current commercial activity in quantum computing around the world.

large_NQIT Technical Roadmap Cover.png
This Technical Roadmap explains the complex concepts of fault-tolerant quantum computing for a broad audience, and identifies the potential applications for a small quantum computer.