Publications by Luca Rottoli

Intrinsic charm in a matched general-mass scheme

Physics Letters B Elsevier 754 (2016) 49-58

RD Ball, V Bertone, M Bonvini, S Forte, P Groth Merrild, J Rojo, L Rottoli

The FONLL general-mass variable-flavour number scheme provides a framework for the matching of a calculation in which a heavy quark is treated as a massless parton to one in which the mass dependence is retained throughout. We describe how the usual formulation of FONLL can be extended in such a way that the heavy quark parton distribution functions are freely parameterized at some initial scale, rather than being generated entirely perturbatively. We specifically consider the case of deep-inelastic scattering, in view of applications to PDF determination, and the possible impact of a fitted charm quark distribution on is assessed.

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