Publications by Luca Rottoli

Towards parton distributions with fitted charm

Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings Elsevier 270-272 (2016) 23-26

RD Ball, V Bertone, S Carrazza, L Del Debbio, S Forte, A Guffanti, PN Hartland, Z Kassabov, IJ Latorre, J Rojo, M Ubiali, P Groth-Merrild, L Rottoli

Modern parton distribution function fits require an accurate treatment of heavy quark mass effects. In this contribution, we discuss how the FONLL general-mass variable flavour number scheme can be extended to allow for the possibility of a fitted charm PDF. We present a first estimate of the impact of a fitted charm contribution in the FONLL structure functions, and we discuss the development towards including a fitted charm PDF in the NNPDF framework.

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