Publications by Luca Rottoli

Higgsstrahlung at NNLL$'+$NNLO Matched to Parton Showers in GENEVA

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S Alioli, A Broggio, S Kallweit, MA Lim, L Rottoli

We present results for the Higgsstrahlung process within the GENEVA Monte Carlo framework. We combine the fully differential NNLO calculation with the higher-order resummation in the 0-jettiness resolution variable (beam-thrust). The resulting parton-level events are further showered and hadronised by Pythia8. The beam-thrust resummation is carried out to NNLL$'$ accuracy, which consistently incorporates all singular virtual and real NNLO corrections. It thus provides a natural perturbative connection between the NNLO calculation and the parton shower regime, including a systematic assessment of perturbative uncertainties. In this way, observables which are inclusive over the additional radiation are correct to NNLO, while the description of 0-jet-like resummation variables is improved beyond the parton shower approximation. We provide predictions for the 13 TeV LHC.

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