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Steven Rose

Professorial Research Fellow

Steven Rose joined the Department of Physics in Oxford as a Professorial Research Fellow in 2015. He is also a Professor of Plasma Physics at Imperial College London where in the past he has held the positions of Head of the Plasma Physics Group, Director of the Institute of Shock Physics and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences Steven Rose's Imperial College Website.

My research concentrates on the design and analysis of experiments fielded on high-power lasers and pulsed-power machines. These experiments produce, in miniature and for a very short time, extreme plasma conditions similar to those found in a variety of exotic astrophysical objects, ranging from planetary interiors to conditions found at the centre of the Sun and more highly-evolved stars. This subject is known as High Energy Density Physics.

As well as being of wide scientific interest this work is also of relevance to the study of inertial confinement fusion in which thermonuclear fusion energy is generated in the laboratory using plasmas of high energy density.

Recent work on using high-power lasers to create matter from light using the two-photon Breit-Wheeler process can be found in our Nature Photonics paper and an example of media coverage can be found in this BBC news website article and on the Wikipedia page.

In our recent Nature Communications paper we show that ultra-short-pulse lasers can heat material to well over 10 million degrees in less than 20 quadrillionths of a second, easily outstripping the rate of heating of a plasma undergoing thermonuclear burn.

My external positions include:

I am a Membership of the LMJ-Petal Science Advisory Committee.

Membership of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Research in Schools