Juan Rojo

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Juan Rojo

STFC Rutherford Fellow

My research interests include Quantum Chromodynamics, Large Hadron Collider phenomenology, parton distributions functions, jet reconstruction and substructure and opportunities for Beyond the Standard Model searches from precision observables. I did my graduate studies at the University of Barcelona, followed by postdoctoral research fellowships at LPTHE (Paris VI), the University of Milano and at the Theory Unit of CERN. My complete Curriculum Vitae can be found here. My personal web page can be found here

I am the Principal Investigator of the European Research Council Starting Grant "PDF4BSM: Parton Distributions in the Higgs Boson Era", whose main goal is to provide next-generation sets of parton distributions functions for LHC phenomenology. The webpage of the project can be found here here

"Strong Interactions and LHC phenomenology", Theoretical Physics graduate course, Trinity Term 2014. The outline of the course and the references can be found here.

Lecture 1: Motivation and historical introduction to QCD
Lecture 2: The QCD Lagrangian, symmetries and Feynman rules
Lecture 3: Asymptotic freedom and the renormalization group equations
Lecture 4: QCD in electron-positron annihilation, infrared divergences, Sterman-Weinberg jets
Lecture 5: Deep-inelastic scattering, the QCD parton model, Parton Distributions and DGLAP evolution
Lecture 6: QCD in hadron-hadron collisions
Lecture 7: Parton showers and Monte Carlo event generators
Lecture 8: Jet reconstruction and jet substructure
Lecture 9: Determination of the Parton Distribution Functions of the proton

An updated list of my publications can be obtained from the Inspire database.