Publications by Myriam Arnal Rodrigues

Developing an integrated concept for the E-ELT Multi-Object Spectrograph (MOSAIC): design issues and trade-offs

Proceedings of SPIE Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers 9908 (2016)

M Rodrigues, G Dalton, E Fitzsimons, F Chemla, T Morris, F Hammer, M Puech, CJ Evans, P Jagourel

We present a discussion of the design issues and trade-offs that have been considered in putting together a new concept for MOSAIC, the multi-object spectrograph for the E-ELT. MOSAIC aims to address the combined science cases for E-ELT MOS that arose from the earlier studies of the multi-object and multi-adaptive optics instruments. MOSAIC combines the advantages of a highly-multiplexed instrument targeting single-point objects with one which has a more modest multiplex but can spatially resolve a source with high resolution (IFU). These will span across two wavebands: visible and near-infrared.

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