Publications by Patrick Roche

Silicate absorption in heavily obscured galaxy nuclei

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 375 (2007) 99-104

PF Roche, C Packham, DK Aitken, RE Mason

Spectroscopy at 8-13 μm with T-ReCS on Gemini-S is presented for three galaxies with substantial silicate absorption features, NGC 3094, NGC 7172 and NGC 5506. In the galaxies with the deepest absorption bands, the silicate profile towards the nuclei is well represented by the emissivity function derived from the circumstellar emission from the red supergiant, μ Cephei which is also representative of the mid-infrared absorption in the diffuse interstellar medium in the Galaxy. There is spectral structure near 11.2 μm in NGC 3094 which may be due to a component of crystalline silicates. In NGC 5506, the depth of the silicate absorption increases from north to south across the nucleus, suggestive of a dusty structure on scales of tens of parsecs. We discuss the profile of the silicate absorption band towards galaxy nuclei and the relationship between the 9.7-μm silicate and 3.4-μm hydrocarbon absorption bands. © 2007 RAS.

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