Publications by Patrick Roche

Mid-infrared sub-arcsecond spectroscopy of active galaxy nuclei

REV MEX AST ASTR 29 (2007) 117-119

PF Roche

I present recent spectroscopic observations of nearby AGN obtained at 8-13 mu m with TReCS on Gemini-S. The observations reveal variations in absorption depth on subarcsecond scales in Circinus and NGC 5506 and delineate the regions of ionized gas and PAH emission region in Circinus. Several nearby active galaxies show evidence of resolved circumnuclear dusty structures with sizes of 10s of parsecs. The silicate absorption profile towards the most heavily obscured nuclei are narrower than those in the galaxies with tau((9.7 mu m)) < 3, possibly reflecting larger average grain sizes in the latter resulting from destruction of the smallest grains by the AGN.

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