Publications by Robert Smith

Elliptic flow in a strongly interacting normal Bose gas

Physical Review A American Physical Society 98 (2018) 011601(R)

RJ Fletcher, J Man, R Lopes, P Christodoulou, J Schmitt, M Sohmen, N Navon, R Smith, Z Hadzibabic

We study the anisotropic, elliptic expansion of a thermal atomic Bose gas released from an anisotropic trapping potential, for a wide range of interaction strengths across a Feshbach resonance. We show that this hydrodynamic phenomenon is for all interaction strengths fully described by a microscopic kinetic model with no free parameters. The success of this description crucially relies on taking into account the reduced thermalizing power of elastic collisions in a strongly interacting gas, for which we derive an analytical theory. We also perform time-resolved measurements that directly reveal the dynamics of the energy transfer between the different expansion axes.

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