Publications by Dimitra Rigopoulou

Dust and gas in star-forming galaxies at z ~ 3: Extending galaxy uniformity to 11.5 billion years

Astronomy & Astrophysics EDP Sciences 603 (2017) A93-

GE Magdis, D Rigopoulou, E Daddi, M Bethermin, C Feruglio, M Sargent, H Dannerbauer, M Dickinson, D Elbaz, C Gomez Guijarro, J-S Huang, S Toft, F Valentino

We present millimetre dust emission measurements of two Lyman-break galaxies at z ∼ 3 and construct for the first time fully sampled infrared spectral energy distributions (SEDs), from mid-IR to the Rayleigh-Jeans tail, of individually detected, unlensed, UV-selected, main sequence (MS) galaxies at z = 3. The SED modelling of the two sources confirms previous findings, based on stacked ensembles, of an increasing mean radiation field (U) with redshift, consistent with a rapidly decreasing gas metallicity in z > 2 galaxies. Complementing our study with CO[J = 3 → 2] emission line observations, we have measured the molecular gas mass reservoir (M H 2 ) of the systems using three independent approaches: 1) CO line observations; 2) the dust to gas mass ratio vs. metallicity relation; and 3) a single band, dust emission flux on the Rayleigh-Jeans side of the SED. All techniques return consistent M H 2 estimates within a factor of two or less, yielding gas depletion time-scales (τ dep ≈ 0.35 Gyr) and gas-to-stellar mass ratios (M H 2 /M ∗ ≈ 0.5-1) for our z ∼ 3 massive MS galaxies. The overall properties of our galaxies are consistent with trends and relations established at lower redshifts, extending the apparent uniformity of star-forming galaxies over the last 11.5 billion years.

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