Publications by Dimitra Rigopoulou

Rise of the Titans: A dusty, hyper-luminous "870 micron riser" galaxy at z~6

Astrophysical Journal Institute of Physics 850 (2017) 1-

DA Riechers, TKD Leung, RJ Ivison, I Perez-Fournon, AJR Lewis, R Marques-Chaves, I Oteo, DL Clements, A Cooray, J Greenslade, P Martinez-Navajas, S Oliver, D Rigopoulou, D Scott, A Weiss

We report the detection of ADFS-27, a dusty, starbursting major merger at a redshift of z=5.655, using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). ADFS-27 was selected from Herschel/SPIRE and APEX/LABOCA data as an extremely red "870 micron riser" (i.e., S_250<s_350<s_500<s_870), "maximum="" 1.8="" 2.1="" 3mm="" 750msun="" 870="" 9.0="" a="" alma="" also="" an="" and="" at="" atmospheric="" billion="" binary="" by="" co="" co(5-4)="" co(6-5)="" comparable="" components,="" consistent="" continuum="" cosmic="" demonstrating="" densities="" density="" detection="" detections="" diameter,="" discovery="" distant="" dust="" dusty="" easing="" emission="" emission,="" first="" for="" formation="" galaxies="" galaxies.="" galaxy,="" gas="" h2o(211-202)="" higher="" highest-redshift="" hyper-luminous="" identify="" implies="" in="" infrared="" into="" is="" its="" kind="" known.="" kpc="" kpc,="" kpc2,="" l_ir~="2.4x10^13Lsun" large="" least="" lines="" luminosities,="" luminosity="" luminous="" m_gas="2.5x10^11(alpha_CO/0.8)(0.39/r_51)" maintain="" major="" mass="" massive="" measurement.="" merger.="" micron="" molecular="" most="" msun="" msun,="" myr.="" of="" ongoing="" presently="" previously="" provides="" quasars="" quiescent="" rare="" rate="" redshift="" regarding="" represents="" reservoir="" resolved="" scan="" separated="" sigma_sfr="730" significantly="" some="" space="" star="" starburst="" starburst".="" starbursts="" strength="" sufficient="" suggesting="" surface="" system="" technique="" tensions="" tentative="" than="" that="" the="" this="" thought="" time,="" to="" two="" unambiguous="" utility="" which="" window="" with="" within="" years="" yields="" yr="" z="" z~6="" ~100="" ~2400="">~3.</s_350<s_500<s_870),>

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