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Mark Richardson


I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Beecroft Institute of Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology. I am working with Drs. Adrianne Slyz and Julien Devriendt studying cosmological simulations of galaxy formation and evolution. I also occasionally tutor astrophysics tutorials.

I enjoy hiking, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, skiing, and travelling.

I am currently a tutor for the C1 Astrophysics tutorials, the MPhys astrophysics option, which covers most of the fields in astrophysics. I am also a tutor for the second-year Optical Physics tutorials at New College.

My research is focused on cosmological computer simulations of structure formation. Currently I'm exploring new ways of modelling the sub-resolution processes associated with star formation and stellar feedback. Using the NUT suite of zoom cosmological simulations, we are exploring the impact on a galaxy's properties and their evolution as we vary the star formation and stellar feedback models. From this work it is crucial that we understand these processes to best compare simulated galaxies with observed galaxies, and to use large-scale galactic statistics to constrain cosmology.

I am also studying the impact of AGN feedback, and how this impact is dependent on the numerical method used. With a large-scale, zoom cosmological simulation we are comparing and contrasting grid and particle methods for simulating the impact of AGN feedback on gas accretion and star formation in a cluster environment.

I am involved in a group studying planetary collisions as a progenitor scenario for the formation of meta-rich chondrites, a type of meteorite that formed 5-6 million years after the formation of our sun's protoplanetary disk. Constraining the conditions of the protoplanetary disk at this time is essential for planet formation models.

I am also interested in simulating observations of numerical simulations, and I enjoy creating new visualization methods for analyzing large-scale datasets.

I am running a Computation Tools in Astrophysics (AstroComp Tools) seminar. Relevant links will be added here in time.