Vinesh Rajpaul

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Vinesh Rajpaul

DPhil Student

I'm a South African DPhil/PhD student at Merton College, Oxford.

I'm supervised by Professor Suzanne Aigrain (Astrophysics/All Souls) and Professor Steve Roberts (Machine Learning/Somerville).

I'm currently in the third year of my doctoral research, and expect to graduate in mid-2017.

In the context of my DPhil research:

  • Gaussian processes
  • machine learning
  • Bayesian statistical techniques
  • exoplanet detection and characterisation (especially with the RV method)
  • modelling stellar activity.

More generally:

  • physics and astronomy education
  • education policy
  • any interesting problem (environmental, economic, what have you) to which I can apply some of the techniques I already use in astrophysics, e.g. Gaussian processes!

See here for a list of publications:

Interests: taking photographs; travelling; collecting and reading the classics; listening to indie and techno music; trying/failing to cook like Heston; playing the piano.

Personal website: