Vinesh Rajpaul

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Vinesh Rajpaul

Visiting researcher

Norman Lockyer Fellow (Royal Astronomical Society) & Research Fellow (Emmanuel College), based at the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Former DPhil student in Oxford, and current visiting researcher in the Dept. of Physics at the University of Oxford.

Astrophysical research interests:

  • exoplanet detection and characterisation (especially with the RV method)
  • Gaussian processes
  • machine learning
  • Bayesian statistical techniques
  • modelling stellar activity.

More generally:

  • physics and astronomy education
  • education policy
  • any interesting problem (environmental, economic, what have you) to which I can apply some of the techniques I already use in astrophysics, e.g. Gaussian processes!

See here for a list of publications:

Interests: taking photographs; travelling; collecting and reading the classics; listening to indie and techno music; trying/failing to cook like Heston; playing the piano.

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