Publications by Andrew Princep

Triakontadipole and high-order dysprosium multipoles in the antiferromagnetic phase of DyB2C2.

Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal 23 (2011) 266002-

AJ Princep, AM Mulders, U Staub, V Scagnoli, T Nakamura, A Kikkawa, SW Lovesey, E Balcar

Resonant soft x-ray Bragg diffraction at the Dy M(4,5) edges has been used to study Dy multipoles in the combined magnetic and orbitally ordered phase of DyB(2)C(2). The analysis incorporates both the intra-atomic magnetic and quadrupolar interactions between the 3d core and 4f valence shells. Additionally, we introduce to the formalism the interference of magnetic and nonmagnetic oscillators. This allows a determination of the higher-order multipole moments of rank 1 (dipole) to 6 (hexacontatetrapole). The strength of the Dy 4f multipole moments have been estimated as being up to 80% of the quadrupolar moment.

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