Andrew Princep

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Andrew Princep

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

My research interests are the areas of frustrated magnetism and correlated electron phenomena, especially as they pertain to rare earth and 5d oxides. In particular, I conduct a lot of fundamental research into the properties of the element Osmium in oxide materials, where it can accept a variety of valence states (from 4+ to 8+) and thus exhibits a variety of electronic configurations (5d0 to 5d4). Because of the extended nature of 5d orbitals, Osmium-Oxygen hybridisation seems to strongly modify the resulting states and this leads to a variety of phenomena which cannot be well explained in the single-ion picture.

I specialise in the techniques of neutron and x-ray scattering, both diffraction and spectroscopy (INS, RIXS, XMCD).

I currently tutor third year Condensed Matter Physics for St Peters and Exeter colleges, and I assist Professor John Gregg of Magdalen College in tutoring the CMP short option for MPhys 40th year students. I am also a senior demonstrator in the undergraduate condensed matter / general physics labs.