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Anne Plochowietz

Graduate Student

Plochowietz, A, Farrell, I, Smilansky, Z, Cooperman, B, Kapanidis, AN. "In vivo single-RNA tracking shows that most tRNA diffuses freely in live bacteria", Nucleic Acids Res, 2016, doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw787. Link

Plochowietz, A*, El-Sagheer, AH, Brown, T, Kapanidis, AN*. "Stable end-sealed DNA as robust nano-rulers for in vivo single-molecule fluorescence", Chem Sci, 2016, 7, 4418-4422. *co-corresponding. Link

Plochowietz, A. Single-molecule FRET studies in live bacteria, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2016). Link

Plochowietz, A*, and Kapanidis, AN*. "Single in the (Cell) City: a protein-folding story", Nat Methods, 2015, 12, 715-716. *co-corresponding. Link

Nott, TJ, Petsalaki, E, Farber, P, Jervis, D, Fussner, E, Plochowietz, A, Craggs, TD, Bazett-Jones, DP, Pawson, T, Forman-Kay, JD, and Baldwin, AJ. "Phase Transition of a Disordered Nuage Protein Generates Environmentally Responsive Membraneless Organelles", Mol Cell, 2015, 57(5), 936-947. Link

Aigrain, L, Sustarsic, M, Crawford, R, Plochowietz, A, and Kapanidis, AN. "Internalization and Observation of Fluorescent Biomolecules in Living Microorganisms via Electroporation", JoVE, 2015, 96, e52208. Link

Plochowietz, A*, Crawford, R, and Kapanidis, AN*. “Characterization of organic fluorophores for in vivo FRET studies”, Phys Chem Chem Phys, 2014, 16, 12688-12694. *co-corresponding. Link

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Crawford, R*, Torella, JP*, Aigrain, L*, Plochowietz, A*, Gryte, K, Uphoff, S, and Kapanidis, AN. “Long-lived intracellular single-molecule fluorescence using electroporated molecules”, Biophys J, 2013, 105(11). *equal contribution. Link

Plochowietz, A. Single-molecule fluorescence of internalised biomolecules in live bacteria, MSc Thesis, University of Oxford (2012). Link

The main goal of my research is to understand gene regulation and in particular how single protein-DNA interaction can alter gene expression. Specifically, I am developing methods to combine single-molecule particle tracking and FRET measurements in live cells and I am currently employing these techniques to study initial transcription of bacterial RNA polymerase in vivo.

I won the Arthur H Cooke Memorial Prize for distinguished work by a first year research student for my Master's project in 2012. Link
My DPhil research was recognized by Balliol College where I was awarded the Phizackerley Senior Scholarship in Medical Sciences (2014 – present).

  • Tutor for biophysics B1 option of 3rd year MPhys students at Balliol College and Lady Margaret Hall (2013 – present)
  • Tutor for biophysics of 4th year MPhys students, revision classes and problem set marker (2013 – 2014)
  • Supervision of research projects of MPhys students and rotation students of the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC)